For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information (Click here)

The Doutrine

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First of all, our objective is to preserve the doctrine that Mestre Irineu left, as well as studying and developing different areas of material and metaphysical knowledge. With the help of the holy Santo Daime brew, which expands our consciousness, these practices can be enriched.

We believe that the practice of spirituality in Guiding Star Union's context can be compared to a tripod in which the first leg is the consecration of the Santo Daime brew, the second is the understanding of the doctrine's teachings transmitted in the hymnals of Mestre Irineu, and the third is the daily practice of brotherly love and living.

  • Consecration of the Santo Daime brew;
  • Understanding of the doctrine's teachingso;
  • Practicing brotherly love;

These are the legs of the tripod which will bring the spiritual maturity required for one's development according to our Heavenly father's will.

In our experience, we understand that harmonious brotherly living requires control of one's Ego, open- mindedness and a vast amount of love in one's heart (harmony, truth and forgiveness). It is within this context and through steadfast discipline that Guiding Star Union seeks the spiritual development of its initiates, but to achieve this goal, the main focus of Guiding Star Union is the union of its members in all aspects of their lives. That way a true community is formed where all its members can help one another and thus make their lives more dynamic, attractive, productive, as true soldiers of the Forest Queen ("Rainha da Floresta") should.

As human beings are composed of both matter and spirit, we understand that one needs to take both into consideration into one's lives as Mestre Irineu did when he was alive. That is, members working in brotherhood in order to bring about the material well-being that is also necessary for one's spiritual growth.