For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information (Click here)

The Doutrine

Read the history of the Santo Daime and Master Irineu. (Click here)

The Works

Master Irineu established three types of works. The white uniform bailados (dances), the concentration and the hymnal works.

The Bailados:

The main works in our doctrine are the Official Calendar Hymnals. After consecrating the Santo Daime brew, the dance lines are formed. There are three basic rythms of bailados: the march, the waltz and the mazurka. The dance begins after the first strophe by following the line commandant's first step to the left. The current is the spiritual force of the work. It is each participant's effort so everyone's efforts together with the sacrament result in an experience enveloped by profound spiritual meaning. The baliado and the music generate an energy that is channeled by the vibrations of the maraca. All of this creates a spiritual inner work and consciousness expansion which includes visions, insights and teachings. The hyumns guide our ritual journey. They alert, encourage, counsel and teach us to perform our inner analysis, always within the protection of the spiritual current. The firmness of the current depends on the, conscience, firmness and obedience to the rules of the work of each and every brother and sister participating in the work.


Concentrations are generally performed on the 15th and 30th of each month. The concentration works are part of the Official Calendar. It is in this type of work that we search, through silence, the connection with our inner selves and a greater conscience of our higher selves.

Hymnal Works:

The hymnal works are musical and can be performed either standing up or sitting down.In this type of work one sings the hymns under the effect of the Daime 'force' and, as a result, one obtains the essential teachings of the doctrine.