For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information (Click here)

The Doutrine

Read the history of the Santo Daime and Master Irineu. (Click here)

Characteristics of the Doctrine

We see through the history of the Doctrine that the Santo Daime religion was received by Master Irineu from the Virgin Mother with basis in Christianity, Spiritualism and Esoterism. Under the light of expanded consciousness that the brew provides, we see the proof of the teachings received by Master Irineu, therefore providing authenticity to our doctrine.

The first impression that someone that is just introduced to the Santo Daime doctrine is that it is a syncretic mix of Spiritism, Catholicism, etc. However, we believe that the truths contained in each of these religions are not proprietary, but universal. That is, the truths of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mother, The Patriarch St. Joseph, are not properties of the Catholic Church, nor is the belief in the existence of spirits a privilege of Spiritism. In this line of thought, the Santo Daime doctrine presentes the original conception of these truths and not a mixture of ideas as one could first conclude from a superficial analysis. To enter into these truths, one must deeply analyze all the rituals and works under the light of the Santo Daime. The doctrine requires of one a deep analysis.

Santo Daime allows one to experience the doctrinary knowledge contained in the musical and meditative hymns.There are bailados (dances), hymnal works and concentration works. Each of these works in a different physic-psychic-spiritual aspect.

It is important to note that studying and experiencing spirituality can bring many changes to a person's life. This is why it is important that the person chooses to take this path by his/her own free will and not be induced by someone else.There are many consequences that can occur including: a complete change in one's ideals and conceptions of life as a result of the truths received through the expansion of consciousness. Sometimes this can even cause problems in the family. It is very important that the newcomers receive special orientation and guidelines so as to avoid any misunderstandings or problems. That's why it is essential that anyone who is interested in the Santo Daime doctrine look for reputable Centers who can provide him/her with these guidelines.