For Beginners

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The Doutrine

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Our characteristics are based on the experiences we have been acquiring throughout the practice of the Santo Daime doctrine.

We understand that doctrine as the set of teachings contained in the "hinos" (hymnals) and that these have to be studied and practiced in all areas of our material lives such as work, school and family.

We should first apply the teachings of the doctrine to our material lives and only after we have achieved this, should we start a more in-depth study of the spiritual aspects of it, not the other way around.

It is important, therefore, that before entering into in-depth studies of the spiritual mysteries, that one first begins a personal transformation and maintains a correct posture in all areas of one's life such as: one's habits, one's way of thinking, and attitudes in one's material life. That way one can be prepared to enter into the studies of spiritual mysteries. That's what we require from our initiates.

Quite often one needs to understand the need to change as well as having the determination to achieve personal transformation. This is what we call "cura" (healing).

The Santo Daime, the great teacher it is, will show one other realities, actions of the past, as well as strengthen one's spirit and cleanse one's body. This is sometimes a very difficult process.

Therefore, we first pay attention to the teachings contained in the hymnals and put these teachings into practice through solid discipline. Then we can focus on the musical or "bailado" (dances) aspects of the doctrine.

What good is it if one perfecty knows how play and sing the hymnals and perform the bailados, but not apply in real life the teachings contained in them?

All our new initiates are urged to practice the teachings left by Mestre Irineu to obtain one's personal transformation. We also urge all initiates to work together in unison to achieve Guiding Star Union's spiritual and material goals.