For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information (Click here)

The Doutrine

Read the history of the Santo Daime and Master Irineu. (Click here)

Guiding Star Union is located in Sao Paulo's northern district at Rua Inácio Mamana, 39, Vila Aurora. - Close to the Jardim São Paulo subway stop.

Telephone: (11) 97371-3928

For first-time participants, it is very important to schedule an interview with the center's diretor, Eduardo, to receive orientation and information about the session and the sacred brew. Those who go to the center without having gone through an interview first, will not be able to participate in the session.

Visitors are not required to make the 25-reais contribution.

For additional information, please contact Marcus (