For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information (Click here)

The Doutrine

Read the history of the Santo Daime and Master Irineu. (Click here)

For Beginners

Those who will consecrate the Daime for the first time must first undergo an interview where they will receive information about the rules, objectives and characteristics of the Santo Daime doctrine. During this interview, beginners will receive orientation on to behave during the session and what they could experience after ingesting the Santo Dame brew, as well as other very importante pieces of information.

Very important information:

Participants cannot wear black or red t-shirts or shirts. Preferably they can wear white or any other light-colored shirts. Men must wear long pants and cannot participate in a session wearing bermuda shorts or shorts. Women are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, revealing clothes, and must always wear long skirts during the sessions.

Participants must be punctual and those who arrive late might not be able to participate in the session.

To better understand the spiritual session, we reccommend avoiding alcoholic beverages and practicing sexual abstinence for 3 days before and after the session.

Anamnesis Form

This questionnaire needs to be filled out by those who participate for the first time in a Santo Daime session. First-time participants will provide personal information and sign a form stating that they are aware that they are going to ingest a mind-altering brew. This questionnaire contains questions regarding the participant's mental health, medications taken, and whether they have any drug addictions.

Medications than cannot be taken together with the Daime.

A major concern taken into consideration when evaluating visits to the church is whether the participant takes certain medications. Some medications which increase the levels of the serotonin neurotransmitter. These cannot be taken together with the Santo Daime, as such could cause the dangerous Serotonin Syndrome. This list includes the following medications:

Fluoxetine containing medications such as: Prozac, Daforin, Eufor and Verotin

In addition to the medications above, there are other serotonin specific medications that need to be taken with precaution when consecrating the Daime. In the case of paroxetine (Paxil) or sertraline (Zoloft), it is ideal that the participant stop taking that medication one week prior to the Santo Daime session. He or she may resume taking the medication the day after the session, but it is always important to check with the doctor first.

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