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The Doutrine

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After having having taken a number of religious routes, Eduardo and his family finally found in the Santo Daime doctrine the avenue that would allow them to learn and evolve in God's path.

During many years they attented services at a Center located in the town of Araçoiaba da Serra in the country side of the State of São Paulo. That center eventually closed.

Some of Eduardo's friends who used to go to the services in Araçoiaba along with him and his Family, were also left without services to attend upon the center's closing. During a short period of time, Eduardo, his family and friends visited other centers looking for that special place that matched their beliefs and spiritual needs. During that time, Eduardo would organize small concentration and study sessions in his home with the consecration of the Santo Daime sacred brew.

The truth took hold and light, according to God's designs, instensified. Jesus says in the bible that the light must be placed on a high place to shine upon all people, so that everyone may be benefited by it. Other acquaintances and friends and began to attend the Santo Daime Works that Eduardo humbly performed. Because of this, Eduardo felt the need to open his home to receive those who looked for him with sincerity in their hearts. The spiritual and material means to build the basis that helps those who look for the Santo Daime as school of spiritual growth and good citizenship.

On October 13th, 2005, União Estrela Guia formalizes its meetings by obtaining a CNPJ license to legally operate.

During that period, Eduardo was affiliated with and receiving help from Padrinho Nonato, who leads the Pronto Socorro de Cura Raimundo Irineu Serra in Rio Branco, state of Acre.

The study and practice of the Mmemoris movement taught us a lot. Nowadays we can solidly base our work, philosophy and line of thought on all the knowledge we acquired through our experience, spiritual connections and intuitive guidance